The Man in the Yellow Shirt

The man in the yellow shirt works in my office. His desk is down the hall and around the corner from me, out of sight.

My coworkers and I like to keep only some of the overhead lights on. They’re bright and harsh and fluorescent.

On occasion, maybe once a week or so, the man in the yellow shirt needs to retrieve something from a large filing cabinet in our area. Every single time he does, he grumbles angrily about how it’s too dark and then aggressively flips the light switch on. He grabs the folder he needs, and marches away. Without turning the light back off.

Why does he do this? Does he think we’re leaving the lights off accidentally, and that he’s doing us a favor?

Does he feel he should be the decider of light quality throughout the entire office, even those parts he only passes through briefly?

Maybe as a child he had a cruel stepfather who would beat his mother, and when he tried to intervene he’d get locked into a dark basement overnight.

Or maybe as a toddler he fell into an empty well, and no one found him until the next day. He could hear them shouting his name, but was too scared to call out.

Or maybe he’s just an asshole, and should let other people work in whatever lighting conditions they damn well please.


He also changes the thermostat to really cold without asking anyone.


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